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Sustainable production

Sustainable Production Policies
The great challenge faced by economies today is to integrate environmental sustainability with economic growth and welfare by decoupling environmental degradation from economic growth and doing more with less. This is one of the key objectives of Campomaggi, but the consequences of climate change and the growing demand for energy and resources are challenging this objective. It is now time to move towards an energy and resource efficient economy.
Sustainable consumption and production maximise business' potential to transform environmental challenges into economic opportunities and provide a better deal for consumers. The challenge is to improve the overall environmental performance of products throughout their life-cycle, to boost the demand for better products and production technologies and to help consumers in making informed choices.

The Sustainable Consumption and Production Action Plan
In Italy the homeland of Campomaggi where the production plant is located Campomaggi's need for energy is delivered 100% by the sun. Campomaggi’s solar panels produce 160% of the factory need. The 60% overproduction is put back into the local electrical system.The traditional production process which is based on durable craftsmanship and long lasting materials produces bags that last more then twice as long as an average bag. This is one of our main contribution to resource efficient economy.
For the tanning and coloring of Campomaggi leathers, we as Campomaggi do our very best for sustainable production, all our tannings are water-based and produced in Europe under supervision by the local rules and regulations.
Campomaggi produces only in Italy. Working conditions are respected as defined in the rules and regulations under Italian and European law.
This website is constructed and provided by solar energy.

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Campomaggi bags: quality, craftsmanship, pursuit of perfection and creativity. These are the elements that, even in the presence of unending stylistic change, have transformed this craft into an art form. Shapes, structures, processes, techniques that arise not only from the experience and an innate aptitude at elegance, but a true culture of the Campomaggi bag.

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